UAV Simulation and Experiment Environment

Project developed at LS2N, ongoing expertise provision.

Project Description

The LS2N Drone Environment is a comprehensive ROS2 package repository designed for facilitating the control and simulation of drones within an indoor setting. The repository is composed of several interoperable submodules, which together form a fully functional environment.

The LS2N Drone Environment is primarily designed to facilitate advanced indoor drone experimentation, encompassing both individual and collaborative multi-drone missions. The precision of these operations is ensured by a motion capture system for accurate localization.

A notable feature of this environment is the integration of Software In The Loop (SITL) simulation. SITL proves invaluable by providing safe and cost-effective means for testing and debugging drone control algorithms, as well as allowing for realistic scenario simulations, thereby facilitating a smooth transition from the simulation to the real-world application.

The presence of SITL, while not the main focus, significantly enhances the project’s versatility, positioning the LS2N Drone Environment as an indispensable tool in indoor drone research and development.

This project forms the foundation of multiple research initiatives at LS2N, encompassing areas such as formation flight and multi-drone manipulation. It is the cornerstone of advanced UAV research and development, serving as a catalyst for innovation in indoor drone application.

Key Competencies

Drone Simulation and Control; ROS2 Package Development; Software In The Loop (SITL) Simulation; Motion Capture Systems; Multi-Drone Coordination; PX4 Autopilot; Python.